Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apple TV Review

Apple TV is a small set top box that allows you to stream content straight to your TV. Don’t be fooled by its small size, the Apple TV packs a lot of features into its tiny package. In fact, the Apple TV is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand so you can put it just about anywhere without all the clutter that a large piece of equipment would have. The latest models of Apple TV now support full HD resolution at 1080p. It connects to your TV via HDMI and can connect to your home network via Ethernet cable or WiFi connection. Apple TV also supports Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, and has a connector for optical audio to connect to your home theater audio receiver. Aside from streaming, you can also show anything from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and even your Mac laptop or desktop computer, right on your TV. That means you can play your favorite games, check your email, play videos, view pictures, or anything else you can do on your iOS device and see it on your TV. Some apps even support dual screens, such as some games that are designed to use the touchscreen on your iPad or iPhone and your TV, displaying different views for your game and giving a whole new perspective on gaming. Imagine a flying game where you can have a map and flight controls right on your iPad while you fly a plane on the TV. Apple TV can also download your latest pictures right from your iPhone and add them to your photo gallery so you can instantly see all your pictures right on your home TV. No syncing necessary, it automatically does it all. Not only is the Apple TV advanced technically, it is also designed to be environmentally friendly, being PVC free and brominated flame-retardant free, and also meets Energy Star 3.0 certifications for set top boxes.

Although the new Apple TV doesn’t have an internal hard drive like the original model did, it can stream just about anything from your computer or from the internet. The Apple TV is very easy to use and has access to all the content from the entire iTunes store, such as hit movies and TV shows as well as all the top music and more, as well as the library on your home computer. You can also stream content directly from your iPad, iPhone, or iPad directly to your Apple TV device. So no matter what you want to watch you can put it on your TV instantly. You can even rent content such as movies on your Apple TV so if you just want to watch something once you can do so without having to pay the full purchase price. The Apple TV also supports music and audio so you can listen to your favorite music from your iPod, sample the latest songs, or listen to internet radio right from your TV. If you have a Netflix account you can sign in from your Apple TV and stream anything from their entire library of content right to your TV. You can also access Youtube and Flickr from the Apple TV as well. So if you want a set top box that is small, easy to use, has access to a lot of content, and can connect directly to your iPad or iPhone, the Apple TV is a great choice. Many people have an Apple TV device in their home theater or home entertainment set up. Even if you just have a TV but want to be able to access more content, the Apple TV is for you. The Apple TV is great for everyone who wants to access streaming content on their TV.

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